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Plug line overview

Zhen Xi
Yang Hong bin
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2018/08/29 14:28
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Plug-in line, also known as plug-in line classification can be divided into manual plug-in line and chain automatic plug-in line, suitable for multi-specification PCB plug-in process. Plug-in line styles: single side, bilateral plug-ins, turn around plug-in line. Electronic control mode: frequency conversion, stepless speed regulating motor and electronic speed regulating motor.
Mode of operation: mandatory and free sections. Side waist structure: steel structure and aluminum structure. Optional: trachea, fan, process card rack, instrument panel, socket, toolbox. The characteristics and specifications of the plug-in line.
The characteristics of the plug-in line can be customized according to customer requirements and widely used in the electronics industry. The assembly and configuration of the plug-in line can be changed arbitrarily. The plug-in line speed can be adjusted by a variable speed knob. The width can be kept high with the width of the circuit board at any time. The fuselage is made of aluminum alloy. Lubricating oil has no pollution to the printed PCB.
Plug-in line engineering specifications and parameters: 1, the length of the line according to the assembly process arrangement calculation; 2, the height of the line is 2M, in which the height of the working face is adjustable; 3, line width: according to product specifications freely set; 4, line configuration: (1) fluorescent lamp (2) electric fan (3) process drawing board (4) toolbox with power supply Socket (normal power supply is 110V, because of personal safety, so in today's automated assembly line will be used to 110V voltage power supply) rocker (6) component box (7) EM operation manual shelf. Plug-in line maintenance 1, the maintenance and maintenance of the motor head: never water into the motor, nor can it be in the motor Adding diesel oil and liquid organic compounds can cause insulation damage and malfunction of the motor. The maintenance method of the speed regulating head is the same as that of the motor. The rest check the electrician's manual maintenance and maintenance. 2. Maintenance and maintenance methods of chain: after long-term operation, the chain may cause heat and volatilization of the original lubricating oil, resulting in unbalanced chain operation, increased noise, crawling and so on. At this time, the sealing plate of the tail can be opened, and butter or thickened lube oil can be added to the chain. 3. Maintenance and Maintenance Method of the Pipeline Head Reducer: For the first time, put the oil in the reducer clean in about three months, wash the reducer with diesel oil or gasoline, and add the new lubricant to the middle of the observation window immediately after cleaning. (pay attention to too little lubrication every month). Then change the lubricating oil once a year. Too much lubricating oil may cause the gearbox to be heated, and the overload of the motor will cause the motor protection switch to jump. Too little lubricating oil may cause the gearbox heating, noise increase and the gearbox hanging and scrapping.