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The six key points of hardware and tool industry marketing are the key.

Zhen Xi
Yang Hong bin
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2018/08/29 14:31
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Core tip: the development space of hardware industry is very large. Luo Baihui, director of the International Association of Mold and Hardware Plastic Industry Suppliers, said recently that there is great room for the development of the hardware industry through the adjustment of more than 80,000 consumers, retail and hardware markets. Luo Baihui, director of the International Association of Mold and Hardware Plastic Industry Suppliers, said recently that a survey of more than 80,000 consumers, retail and hardware markets showed that about 30% of the demand for hardware products came from house decoration and 50% of the products depended on the supply capacity of some domestic hardware suppliers. More families hope to see more hardware products provided by retailers. But unfortunately, our market research is still very limited. For example, after investigation, we found that in the whole kitchen design, there will be 16% increase in market demand every year, but as a retailer, we must understand the market and customer needs, and then according to their needs to develop solutions, in this sales process should pay attention to a few points. 1. Individualized demand in the world, the hardware industry is from the traditional sense of the tool industry to the fashion industry. Consumption is becoming personalized, quality oriented, reasonable price and more choices. Following the trend, hardware retailers have no choice but to provide customers with creative tools to meet their individual needs. 2. Quality is the foundation. On the other hand, the interpersonal relationship of hardware sales is three very important factors. In this factor, quality is the foundation, good interpersonal relationship is more conducive to the opening of sales channels, but quality is the guarantee of long-term cooperation. 3, do a good job of propaganda and marketing, on the basis of excellent products, we should do well in publicity. Manufacturers should be good at selling themselves and publicizing themselves. By publicizing the company's brand advantage, quality advantage, capital advantage in the hardware industry to show their own advantages, so as to let more customers know us, know us. Luo Baihui said that with the product quality foundation, how to promote sales has become the key. Between the same grade products, we must be good at selling wrong. Like horse racing, we compare our second-class goods with others'first-class goods during the sales process, and then compare our first-class goods with his second-class goods, second-class goods and his third-class goods. Understand dislocation marketing, energetically promote products and invest enthusiastically and enthusiastically. 4. Focus on product restructuring and vigorously develop the production and sales of hardware products with high-tech content and high added value. At the same time, on the premise of absorbing and transforming advanced technology, starting from each link, through the implementation of the cost reduction plan, energy structure transformation and other ways and means, to reduce waste as far as possible, improve the management level to reduce unit costs, improve export competitiveness of hardware products. 5. Attaching importance to the role of e-commerce products is well known. Trade through e-commerce can not only save a lot of manpower, material resources, reduce transaction costs and inventory, but also create a free and equal competition environment and wider cooperation space for small and medium-sized hardware manufacturers to enter the international market. It will give China the Fifth Five-Year Plan. Gold products enterprises have provided new opportunities for development. 6. Use financial instruments to avoid exchange rate risks in foreign trade by increasing the down payment ratio of the contract to reduce the risk of exchange rate fluctuation and prevent exchange losses, such as the down payment rate of the contract from the previous 5-20% to 30-40%; you can also stipulate in the contract appreciation limit, exceeding the limit value of the corresponding adjustment of export prices of products. Coping. In addition, experts suggest that enterprises can switch loans, repay the Renminbi loans in advance, and then convert them into U.S. dollar loans; use financial instruments to avoid exchange rate risks, forward transactions, and lock in the forward exchange rate in advance; and strive to use Renminbi settlement in commodity transactions.