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Balancing car assembly line

Zhen Xi
Yang Hong bin
Release time:
2018/08/29 14:24
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Balancing car assembly line
Balancing car assembly line: using three-speed assembly line assembly, assembly tools using 25mm wood board, top with rotating tools and fixed balancing car tools, generally using 1M * 0.6M tooling board, the upper turntable using 600 diameter turntable. The three speed assembly line, also known as the automatic assembly line, can be divided into automatic beat and manual beat. Three-speed assembly line can be used for electronic and electrical equipment assembly, display assembly, television production aging, computer host assembly. Laptop production, LED lamp production, panel lamp assembly, printer assembly, shredder assembly, vacuum cleaner production, speaker production, etc. The triple speed assembly line has become very popular in Shenzhen. At present, other cities in China are using Shenzhen's mature mode for reference to manufacture various types of electronic and electrical products in other provinces. At present, Shenzhen assembly line has successfully integrated assembly-testing-aging-packaging with assembly line, which is also called assembly line on the market. It has greatly saved turnover crane and space and improved production capacity and efficiency. Shenzhen Zhenxi specializes in non-standard production equipment for more than ten years, with rich design experience, complete production equipment, strict internal quality control. Company production: belt assembly line, automatic assembly line, manual assembly line, logistics conveyor line, plug-in line, 
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