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Electrical test aging line

Electrical test aging line

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Electrical test aging line

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Electrical test aging line


LED panel lamp aging line


Function: this aging line can detect whether the LED panel lights are normal after different voltage zones.


Voltage Zone: Low Voltage Zone, Atmospheric Voltage Zone, High Voltage Zone, Impact Zone, Roaming Zone, High Temperature Zone (Selection), Non-electricity Zone


Operation mode: left and right rings. Multilayer upper and lower rings,


You can also customize the assembly line, that is, assembly, aging, testing and packaging.


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Products: Electronic and electrical assembly line, conveyor line, testing line, aging line, packaging line, LED assembly line, LED lamps and lanterns testing line, waterproof LED water test line, LED packaging line, plug-in line, logistics line, chain board line, spray line, oven, robot application and integration.

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